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What's this?

We've launched a new platform and for a period of time we'll be running them both side by side.

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Which one do I choose?

If you've been a customer for a while you will probably still be logging into the Legacy Platform. You should recognise the bottom image.

If you're a new customer, or have migrated already, you will log into the New Platform. You should recognise the top image.

How do I Migrate?

You can register as a user, then login and add your organisation.

Once added, you can then migrate your phone numbers and device extensions across into the new platform.

Routing needs to be setup again but we've made it a lot easier in the new system and shouldn't take long.

Watch this short video on how to register to the new platform.

Check out our other tutorial videos: Siptalk Youtube Channel

Where can I find Assistance?

Please send an email to

Or call us on 13 82 55.

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